A deep plane facelift can produce significantly more impressive rejuvenation results compared to less extensive cosmetic options. It’s important to know what to expect ahead of time to facilitate smoother healing. Patients can get in touch with Balikian Facial Plastic Surgery to get a better understanding of deep plane facelift recovery in Murrieta.

What Deep Plane Facelift Recovery Involves

To understand what patients can expect from a deep plane facelift recovery period, it helps to learn more about the procedure itself. It has a similar goal to that of a regular facelift—a more youthful appearance—but the tissues being lifted are much deeper.

By reaching further into the patient’s facial muscles, doctors can achieve more natural-looking results. However, the recovery process becomes more extensive. The typical minor discomfort, tenderness, bruising, and swelling can be expected.

Length of Deep Plane Facelift Recovery

In many cases, patients can return to work after two weeks of rest and recuperation following the deep plane facelift. By this time, the majority of the discomfort and physical signs of recovery would have subsided considerably. Patients can see immediate results from the procedure, but it won’t be until six months that the full results will be complete.

What to Do and What to Avoid

During the deep plane facelift recovery period, it’s important for patients to get as much rest as possible. A full night’s sleep every night would be ideal. Avoiding sources of stress would be recommended, as well. Light exercises like short walks during the first few days can help with blood circulation, which is great for healing.

Not doing anything strenuous for at least a month following the procedure is highly advised. This includes lifting anything heavy, bending too far, or sudden motions of any kind. It’s also important for patients to allow the affected areas to heal at their own pace and to not force the muscles to do anything that they are not ready for.

Recovery Instructions and Prescriptions

Instructions will be provided regarding how to care for the affected areas, change bandages, and take prescribed medications during the facial feminization surgery recovery period. These must be followed as closely as possible.

What to Eat

Patients are advised to prepare food with a lot of protein, healthy fat, and nutrients that are easy to absorb. If the procedure makes chewing difficult, planning for soft selections such as yogurt, porridge, or soup would be recommended.

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I felt well prepared prior to surgery and excited.


I always planned to have a facelift but was really apprehensive about scars and the ‘Joker face’ look, but when I saw the lower facelift/neck lift results on another of his patients, I was finally ready. Dr. Balikian and his staff answered all my questions and I felt well prepared prior to surgery and excited. […] I’m only 12 days post-op and have no visible suture lines. My saggy neck skin and jowls are gone! I just look refreshed and younger, far from the ‘Joker face’ look I was afraid of. I’m really happy with my results and I will recommend Dr. Balikian without hesitation.