Jo Ann Coker, NP-Board Certified

Jo Ann Coker
NP-Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Jo Ann is a master prepared Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 25 years in dermatology and cosmetic aesthetic procedures. Jo Ann and Dr. Balikian understand that choosing among the multitude of cosmetic options available to look one’s best can be overwhelming. Simply put, looking lifted and refreshed and never overdone is what we are about at Balikian Facial Plastic Surgery. Jo Ann especially loves to help you explore the many options and procedures available today in simple terms, from good basic skin care to the art of enhancing one’s own natural beauty. She is skilled in the use of lasers for improving the complexion, tone and texture of the skin as well as reducing and removing unwanted hair. Jo Ann’s is known for her gentle touch and her vast experience in performing peels and injectables including Botox, fillers and Kybella. Additionally, Jo Ann is trained in sclerotherapy and has been treating spider veins in the legs for more than 15 years. Hand rejuvenation is her newest treatment option. Now your hands can match your face!

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Debra Gromacki, PA-Board Certified

Debra Gromacki
PA-Board Certified Aesthetic Physician Assistant

Debra is a Board Certified Physician Assistant specializing in cosmetic aesthetic procedures. Having over 10 years’ experience in both plastic surgery and dermatology settings, Debra is highly skilled in performing various laser treatments and injectable procedures including Botox and fillers. She dedicates time in every treatment to educate her patients and shares her extensive knowledge. Her patients’ are always gratified by her attention to detail and aesthetic eye. Debra’s broad experience in non-surgical facial rejuvenation helps give her patients many options to create a more natural and beautiful result.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Debra, please call us at (951) 719-2950 or use our online appointment request form.

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Lupe Slater, BSN, RN

Lupe Slater

Lupe Slater is a Registered Nurse who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2018.

A perfectionist with a steady hand and a great eye for aesthetics. Lupe thrives on educating her patients and helping them achieve their youthful beauty goals. Lupe provides her expertise in injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, peels, Micro-needling and laser procedures.

Nursing is such a great passion for Lupe that she is currently pursuing her Nurse Practitioner license. As a Registered Nurse, Lupe truly exemplifies the mission of our practice, which is to be a positive force in the lives of our patients and help them achieve their aesthetic goals through safe and effective treatments.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Lupe, please call us at (951) 719-2950 or use our online appointment request form.

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