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Ear pinning, or otoplasty, is a surgical procedure that brings protruding ears closer to the head or reduces their size. Large, protruding or irregularly shaped ears can compromise self-confidence at any age. Protruding ears on children can often lead to teasing and social hesitancies. Protruding ears on adults can often make the face look more juvenile and causenot only anxiety, but also force hairstyles to cover the ears.

Dr. Balikian performs otoplasty for children after five years of age and adults of all ages. Protruding ears can be the result of a large, round, bulging ear cartilage bowl, or they can be the result of floppy, weak ears with poorly defined contours. Most times, protruding ears are a combination of these two problems. Special techniques allow Dr. Balikian not only to pin back the ears, but also to reshape the ear cartilage into a natural discreet shape, giving it the strength to maintain its position over time. He uses techniques that are tried and true developed by Drs. Furnas and Mustarde to give natural looking ears. Patients often are thankful that they never have to worry about someone staring at their ears again. Otoplasty surgery on adults can be performed under local anesthesia in the office with very little downtime.


Computerized imaging is utilized during consultation with Dr. Balikian to help set goals and expectations to create the natural look and end result that you and Dr. Balikian want to accomplish.

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