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Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

The Elos Sublime Laser Offers Convenient Skin Tightening

Often times, when we are interacting with someone new in a social setting, their appearance can determine our initial impressions of them. Whether or not we know them well, the way someone looks and carries them self can determine how you interact with them moving forward. We habitually tend to categorize people based on their […]

Your Lower-Blepharoplasty Options

Ophthalmic plastic surgery is a treatment that primarily deals with eyelid disorders. The focus of ophthalmic surgery is geared toward the correction of cognitive or acquired disorders and cosmetic enhancements. Blepharoplasty is one such cosmetic procedure that is commonly chosen to address issues like droopy eyelids, excess skin, circles around the eyes, and the appearance […]

The Facts on Facial Fillers by Dr. Balikian

Poets proclaim that wrinkles and furrowed brows show hard-won experience and wisdom. But must fine lines and winkles be a necessary component of wisdom and judgment? Not anymore. Facial fillers have revolutionized skincare. By injecting these serums, cosmetic physicians can restore a youthful look to your face, without surgery. Fillers work by restoring volume to […]

Kybella Non-Surgical Treatment for Double Chin Now Available in Temecula

It doesn’t matter if you call it a double chin or a turkey neck, the extra skin on your neck is aging and frustrating. In years past, the only solution was liposuction or another type of invasive cosmetic surgery, a deterrent for many. But now there’s a non-surgical treatment, an injectable called Kybella. In just […]

Dr. Balikian Discusses the Many Uses of Botox

Today, Botox™ is more than a wrinkle-remedy. It was first approved for cosmetic improvements 30 years ago. But now over 50 percent of the time it is used for therapeutic treatments. From back pain problems to migraines, from twitchy eyelids to sweating, Botox™ is helping people enjoy better health. Here is a look at what […]

Temecula Facial Plastic Surgeon Reveals Benefits of Deep Plane Facelift

The problem with many facelift techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, is how short a time they last. That’s why many patients are eager to try the deep plane facelift. This new method is considered a modified facelift technique. Studies reported in Aesthetic Surgery Journal show that the effects last longer than fat grafting and injectables. As cosmetic […]

Rehydrate Your Winter Skin with Hydrafacial

What sounds better–sandpapering your skin or steam cleaning it? For smooth, even skin, it’s steam cleaning every time. That’s the difference between conventional facials and a Hydrafacial. Perfect even for sensitive skin, it loosens dead skin cells at the same time it gently vacuums the surface, lifting deep debris and dirt that cause a blotchy, […]

Freeze That Double Chin Away

At a certain point, holding your head just so while you get your picture taken or wearing a turtleneck every day doesn’t cut it anymore. You can’t hide the unfortunate effects of a double chin. The fat that gathers around the neck buries the clean look of your profile and adds years to your appearance. […]

Dr. Richard Balikian Now Can Treat Acne Scars with Lasers and Fillers

Millions of people suffer from acne every year, and for many of them, it leaves skin-ravaging scars that can affect their confidence for years or even decades. Since there’s no real “cure” for acne that consistently works for everyone, many patients simply resign themselves to caking on makeup or dealing with a damaged self-image. However, […]

Want to Look 10 Years Younger Dr. Balikian Discusses the Benefits of Necklift

Dr. Richard Balikian, MD, of is proud to offer an age defying procedure called the necklift, efficiently and quickly from the comfort of his Temecula Plastic Surgery Center. This experienced, double board certified surgeon is renowned for his innovative facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as head and neck surgical techniques. A necklift is […]