Breast Augmentation Photos

Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Tyler Frew, Murrieta and San Diego

Case #19106
Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This patient in her early 30’s wanted her breasts enhanced. Dr. Frew performed Breast Augmentation with Silicone implants full profile and 365cc in volume and an internal bra. The “internal bra” concept refers to a surgical technique that involves using a combination of sutures or mesh to create internal support for breast implants or sagging breast tissue. Dr. Frew uses some form of this in ALL my breast procedures.

This technique aims to provide: Long-lasting support and stability to the breasts. Enhancing the overall shape and position. Increasing the longevity of the surgical outcome. It helps address concerns such as sagging, implant displacement, or bottoming out (when the implants descend too low on the chest).

Individual Results May Vary