Often times, when we are interacting with someone new in a social setting, their appearance can determine our initial impressions of them. Whether or not we know them well, the way someone looks and carries them self can determine how you interact with them moving forward.

We habitually tend to categorize people based on their age. A great deal of people have their own assumptions as to whether a person can get something done or not based on their age alone. In some cases, people may even question your ability to take on certain tasks and feel as if you are incapable in the workplace all because of your age and how you look.

To sum it up, looking older can cause you to experience some disadvantages in life, and if you are struggling with the early signs of aging, it may be impacting you more than you think.

While there are a great deal of cosmetic treatments available for improving your facial aesthetic, many of them require invasive techniques. Those who want to avoid such procedures previously didn’t have many options, until now.

Syneron has pioneered the Sublime laser treatment methodology for treating the early signs of aging such as sagging skin in the brow area, swelling around eyes, loose skin in the cheeks, jaw, and neck, creases around the mouth, and much more.

This treatment is often referred to as the red carpet procedure, because a lot of celebrities have undergone this treatment before big events. This very fact is proof enough of the efficiency of this miraculous treatment. Getting younger looking skin has never been this easy.

What is Elos Sublime laser?

Elos Sublime laser is an FDA approved skin tightening treatment. It is based on the proven elos (Electro-optical synergy) technology that gives you a youthful, vibrant, and lifted look without experiencing any downtime. It is different from other laser treatments that cause discomfort and take up a lot of time. Sublime gives you a quick and almost painless cure for skin tightening.

How Does it Work?

The Elos Sublime laser merges two different forms of energies to deliver exceptional results. Your healthcare professional will administer infrared light and radio frequency energies in minimal yet effective intensities to alter the dermal structure of the skin.

This promotes collagen production, which is crucial for improving the elasticity and tightness of the skin. This translates into substantially younger-looking skin. For many years now, dermatologists have relied on laser and radio frequency energy independently to cure skin problems. The innovation of merged energies will guarantee safer results with little to no downtime.

Are the Results Long Lasting?

The results provided by the Elos Sublime laser treatment are dependent on many factors and because of this, the results usually differ from person to person. However, a good number of patients who completed their treatments systematically saw that their results lasted well beyond two years and more.

It is recommended to take about three to five sessions spaced a month apart. Some patients may need a touch up once a year or so to preserve the results. Elos Sublime laser is guaranteed to satisfy your needs and help get rid of the signs of aging with repeated sessions.

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