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Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard V. Balikian, Murrieta and San Diego

Case #20622
Brow Lift
Brow Lift


This patient is a perfect example of why a brow lift often needs to be performed with an upper blepharoplasty.

This patient came in bothered by the excess skin of her upper eyelids. She thought she only needed an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. However what many do not realize is that upper eyelid excess not only comes from excess skin, but from droopiness of upper eyelid skin on the lateral or outside part of the upper eyelids. If she had had just an upper eyelid skin removal, she would be left with excess skin hanging down underneath the tail of her eyebrow. This excess skin cannot be removed simply by extending the upper blepharoplasty incision because it will 1: create a longer scar, and 2: start pulling the eyebrow down further. Therefore, to unravel the excess skin underneath the tail of the eyebrow Dr. Balikian made a completely hidden incision 1cm behind her temporal hairline to gain access to that skin and lift it up with sutures with a temporal brow lift.

The results is a beautiful rejuvenated and recontoured upper eyelid. The take-home message, sometimes you need a brow recontouring to get the result you want for your upper eyelids.

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