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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scars resulting from burns, trauma, prior surgeries or acne have different appearances and require different treatments. Treatment options include abrasion, grafting, tissue filling, direct removal and other methods. Unsightly scars can affect one’s overall appearance and self-image. There are many options available to better camouflage an existing scar. Although a scar can never be removed entirely, it can often be improved to be barely perceptible.

During your consultation, Dr. Balikian will discuss how the scar’s size, location and orientation influence which procedure is most appropriate. Techniques to help camouflage a scar include changing the orientation so that it falls into the natural wrinkles or laugh lines of the face. A vertical scar on the forehead may be turned to fall into the forehead’s natural horizontal lines, making it less noticeable. Often, skin resurfacing techniques such as dermabrasion, lasers or chemical peels are used to fine-tune and smooth the final appearance of the scar.

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