rhino ethnic2No two noses are the same and nose shapes and design vary depending on ethnicity.  Despite many similarities we have as humans, each ethnicity has its own distinct physical characteristics that should be factored into a nose reshaping procedure.  Dr. Richard Balikian says, “most of my Asian, African American and Persian rhinoplasty patients want to keep the hallmarks of their ethnicity, but would like to make some minor changes to have their nose be more attractive and proportionate to their face”.

When considering rhinoplasty surgery Dr. Balikian Recommends the Following:

  • Research the surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure. Find a surgeon that has years of experience in rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Check the surgeons record with the medical board in your state.
  • Review his/her before and after pictures.
  • Ask the surgeon lots of questions. You will get a good idea of his/her personality during your consultation.
  • Bring pictures of nose shapes you like, these can be pictures from magazines or social media. Your surgeon at this point should discuss with you whether your expectations are realistic or not.
  • Always share your concerns about surgery with your surgeon. This is a good time to get a feel for his/her bedside manner.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be one of the most satisfying cosmetic surgery procedures a person can have when performed by an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Balikian says, “A great rhinoplasty result should help restore a patients self-confidence and inner beauty while still maintaining the individuals ethnicity.  A rhinoplasty that I perform on an African American woman will be very different than the procedure I perform on a Persian woman”.

Successful cosmetic surgeons understand the importance of a detailed consultation prior to the patient’s procedure. Dr. Balikian works with his patients to determine their ultimate goals, especially when it comes to preserving ethnicity. He is highly skilled at identifying the various aesthetic aspects that affect different ethnicities, and works with patients to determine their optimal result through digital imaging. This gives patients a chance to see what their nose may look like after the procedure.

Patients who are interested in ethnic rhinoplasty as well as other facial plastic surgery procedures can set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Balikian online or over the phone. At this consultation, the patient can identify their goals when it comes to plastic surgery, as well as their hopes for maintaining a specific ethnic identity. Dr. Balikian prides himself on his ability to relate to patients, work with them to achieve their goals and ultimately, give them the results they are hoping for when it comes to facial plastic surgery.