The problem with many facelift techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, is how short a time they last. That’s why many patients are eager to try the deep plane facelift.

This new method is considered a modified facelift technique. Studies reported in Aesthetic Surgery Journal show that the effects last longer than fat grafting and injectables.

As cosmetic surgeon Dr. Balikain points out, that’s good news for patients. They will need less cosmetic work done over time, saving them inconvenience and money.

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

Sadly, men and women lost about 20 percent of the volume in the mid-face area by the time they hit 50. It affects major sections of the face, including the cheek, lower eyelid, nose and corner of the mouth.

Lost volume is one of the biggest causes of saggy skin and unattractive hollows in the face. It makes a person look tired, unhealthy and old.

That’s why the vertical vector deep plane facelift, the official name for a deep plane facelift, is getting so much attention. It adds volume, plumping up the skin in the mid-face. This is all done with a surgical procedure and without the need for injectables and grafted fat.

Studies Measures Greater Volume

For about two years, the study measured the changes in volume in for a group of patients who had a deep plane facelift. At the 23-month mark after surgery, patients averaged the same volume as a person who was regularly using injectables. The results were basically the same as a patient who had three vials of hyaluronic acid filler in each cheek.

Instead of coming in for regular treatments and touchups, patients who get a deep plane facelift achieve these results after just a single surgical procedure. The procedure works by repositioning the fat deposits in the cheek area, restoring lost volume for an extended period.

Dr. Balikian feels that injectables and fat grafting are certainly helpful, a definite plus for people seeking a more youthful look. But the results can be inconsistent, especially with fat grafting. That means more visits to the doctor to refine the outcome. He is happy to offer the deep plane facelift procedure to his Temecula patients because it results in a natural appearance that lasts.

Trust Experience

Since 2007, Richard V. Balikian, M.D., has been helping people in the Temecula community look younger, healthier and more vital. He works closely with each patient before recommending the best choice of both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Balikian has a reputation for really listening to each patient, discussing expectations and realistic outcomes. Together, doctor and patient decide on the most effective approach. Dr. Balikian and his staff then fully explain what the procedure involves and what to expect before, during and after.

Dr. Balikian is known for his innovative and advanced choice of treatments. He is double-board certified:

  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

He graduated from the Boston University Medical School and did his residency in Head and Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He trained for a year with one of the world’s top cosmetic surgeons and also taught at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. Balikian is active in the Face to Face charity, which helps domestic violence victims with free reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

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