What sounds better–sandpapering your skin or steam cleaning it? For smooth, even skin, it’s steam cleaning every time.

That’s the difference between conventional facials and a Hydrafacial. Perfect even for sensitive skin, it loosens dead skin cells at the same time it gently vacuums the surface, lifting deep debris and dirt that cause a blotchy, dull look.

The Facial with No Downtime

Frustrated with the results of a last-minute facial? The routine exfoliating and extracting, normal parts of a standard facial, leave your face red and irritated looking. That’s why people in the know schedule one for several days prior to the big event.

But with a Hydrafacial, you can get it done the same day. There is no downtime, no redness, no irritation to worry about. You can actually go directly from the facial to your function, facing the world with glowing skin.

How the Hydrafacial Works

Extractions are a normal part of every facial. It’s how the aesthetician de-gunks your pores. But it requires pressure on sensitive skin, which leaves it blotchy and a bit raw looking.

With the Hydrafacial, the extractions are done hands-free, gently and without pain. Glycolic and salicylic acid flow through the tip of a soft silicone device, out over the skin. This serum gently opens pores wider. The suction part of the device vacuums up the debris from deep in your pores.

It is followed by LED photo-modulation light treatment, which fights inflammation and bacteria. It also increases collagen production within the skin.

The end result is skin that is ultra-clean, glowing and evenly toned. You can head out to your big event right after the facial, knowing your skin looks its best. With a Hydrafacial, there is no need to worry about redness or blotchy skin tone.

How the Hydrafacial Benefits Your Skin

The Hydrafacial works on all skin types. It is the go-to solution for congested skin and too much oil. Because it helps evens out skin tone, it works well for people with sun damage. It benefits anyone with blemished skin and rosacea.

If you want to reduce the look of fine lines, this is the facial to choose. The hydra=peel silicone tip takes away the damaged layer of skin, while adding a serum rich in nutrients. The LED photo-modulation light that is part of the treatment aids in building more collagen.

For the most thorough treatment, choose the Deluxe Hydrafacial, which includes lymphatic drainage to help detoxify the skin. After this, the face, neck and décolleté are cleansed and exfoliated, and pores go through the extracting process. The finishing touch is a multi-peptide Dermabuilder and LED light therapy.

Trust Experience

Richard V. Balikian, M.D., is committed to excellent, safe, effective patient care for every procedure and skin care treatment. In the decade he has been treating patients in the San Diego area, he has earned a reputation for really listening to each patient and attention to detail.

Dr. Balikian is double board certified:

  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Over the longer period of his training, at Columbia University, Boston University Medical School, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he became an expert on the highly complex anatomy in the face, head and neck. He has taught facial plastic surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine.

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