Cosmetic procedures have greatly evolved over the years. The definition of beauty varies from person to person, but having a flawless appearance doesn’t hurt! And now that obtaining relief from any form of imperfection is within reach, anyone can opt for beauty treatments to enhance their overall look.

One of the very basic beauty correction treatments that many people opt for is the hair removal treatment. There are many ways to perform hair removal, including shaving, plucking, and waxing among the others, but these methods are temporary and often times time consuming. If you are looking for a long-term solution to get rid of unwanted hair then there is one easy option and that is the Elos Motif laser.

Motif Hair Removal Method

Elos technology involves the application of combined energies on the skin in order to remove the hair and prevent the growth as well. Elos stands for electro-optical synergy. There are various methods that use RF or radio frequency waves or intense pulsed light or IPL to remove hair. In the same way, electro-optical energy is used in Elos Motif laser hair removal method.

The Benefits of Elos Motif for Hair Removal

The first main benefit is the high success rate this method provides to patients. The number of sessions that are required to completely remove the hair will vary from one patient to another, but there is one thing that remains the same and that is the fact that this treatment method really works. People who opt for the Elos Motif laser have noticed visible results in a very short amount of time.

On an average, within 3-5 treatment sessions, people notice a visible improvement in the general texture of the skin as well as the skin tone.

The results are permanent. The skin after most hair removal treatments is left rough and bumpy due to the presence of the hair follicles. Elos Motif is designed to destroy the hair follicles, which provides remarkable and long-lasting results. A successful end-result is obtained by combining the power of laser energy as well as bipolar RF energy .

Patients with any skin type and hair color can choose this treatment option. The results are the same. The time taken for the results to appear and the exact number of treatments required will vary, however. A qualified Elos specialist will be able to recommend the best treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Removing Excess Hair with Elos Motif

The probe that sends out the predefined energy waves into the deeper layers of the skin is placed carefully on the area being treated. The waves then disintegrate the hair follicles from within. The hair then sheds off and never grows back.

This is a treatment method that both female and male patients can benefit from. The major difference that this treatment method has over the others is that while removing the hair it also leaves the skin soft and radiant.

It is this property that makes this treatment a suitable choice for numerous other skin problems as well. Given that the method is safe on the skin and has very little to no side effects, anyone can choose this treatment method without a worry.

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Traditional hair removal techniques can be a pain to do every day. Not only is it time consuming, it is also costly and sometimes uncomfortable. If you’re interested in a better way to remove your hair, contact our office to learn more about the Elos Motif Laser with Dr. Richard Balikian.