It doesn’t matter if you call it a double chin or a turkey neck, the extra skin on your neck is aging and frustrating. In years past, the only solution was liposuction or another type of invasive cosmetic surgery, a deterrent for many.

But now there’s a non-surgical treatment, an injectable called Kybella. In just a few treatments, it successfully gets rid of the excess fat that causes a double chin.

How Kybella Works

Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your body. Its job is to help absorb and break down the fat you consume in your diet.

Intrigued by this ability, researchers decided to see what happened when they injected the substance into fatty areas. They discovered that it can successfully destroy fat cells in the area under the chin. This led to approval by the Federal Drug Administration as a treatment for moderate to severe fat around the chin, officially called the submental area.

Kybella is a permanent treatment. Once it destroys the fat cells, they are absorbed, then expelled, by the body. Most people see good results after one or five treatments, spaced about a month apart. The actual number needed depends on your specific situation.

The Kybella Treatment

The Kybella treatment is quick and uncomplicated. The cosmetic surgeon first cleans the chin area and marks the site. Then he makes several small injections.

Right away, you will probably experience a slight tingling or burning feeling as the Kybella starts to work, destroying the fat cells. This causes some swelling and tenderness for a few days or a week. Icing the area reduces the inflammation and swelling.

Is Kybella a Good Fit for You?

Two essentials are important for effective Kybella treatment. The first is that the fat is concentrated in the chin area.

The second is your skin elasticity. The treatment gets rid of fat, but doesn’t tighten the skin. So the better your skin’s elasticity, the better your results will be.

Do you currently have loose skin on your neck? You may not be a good candidate. You might need to combine the treatment with a neck lift for the best outcome.

Kybella Side Effects

Patients experience two main side effects with Kybella, temporary swelling and soreness. The area below your chin may also get numb, become red, and feel hard.

A few patients deal with nerve damage that takes several months to wear off. This happens when the injection isn’t positioned correctly. That’s why it is critical to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon to do the job, one who fully understands the anatomy of the neck and face.

Trust Experience

Specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive treatments for the neck and head, Richard Balikian, M.D., has years of experience helping patients look their best. He has the hands-on skill and years of training needed to successfully choose the best treatment for your specific cosmetic condition. After he performs the treatment, he and his staff follow through during recovery. With his emphasis on clear and open communication, you are never alone.

Dr. Balikian is double board certified, both in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery. He is part of the elite group of cosmetic surgeons with at least 6 years of specialized training for the face and neck.

He has taught at the Indiana University School of Medicine and published extensively in textbooks and journals. Locally, he offers his time pro bono to the “Face to Face” program, helping victims of domestic violence with reconstructive surgery.

Tired of that double chin? Call Balikian Facial Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation to see how Kybella can help you.